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It's Alive Cultured and Living Foods

Raw cultured foods are unheated and fermented using friendly bacteria to help proliferate lactobacilli, healthful micro-flora. This healthful bacteria helps to break down sugars and starches in our bodies, aiding the intestines and pancreas in proper digestion.

Cultured foods help to repopulate the digestive tract, help the body to be more alkaline, and greatly decrease cravings for sweets or desserts. Cultured foods are “super foods” because they are partially digested, so the nutrients are readily available with little work for your body.

Cultured foods actually add to the enzyme stores of your body. In addition, they help restore balance and provide an abundance of friendly bacteria. These enzyme-rich foods are a high-quality, alkaline, expansive food, which balances out the foods that make us crave acid-forming sugars.

"for life"

Probiotics is a general term used to refer to a range of friendly and healthful bacteria that are important to a wide range of bodily functions, most notably digestion and building intestinal flora. Once inside the body they create vitamin B and assist in the body's production of white blood cells.

What are 
Raw vegetables that have been naturally fermented thereby allowing the sugars to be broken down and turned into lactic acid. The fermentation process pre-digests the vegetables allowing the body to more easily assimilate them.
It's Alive sauerkraut doesn't use vinegar when making cultured vegetables because the sour brine occurs naturally in the fermentation process. Vinegar is normally used in heat pasteurized commercial pickling, as it serves the function of both flavoring and preserving the product.
We use a very high grade Sea Salt in all of our products. Celtic Sea Salt® is naturally sun dried using the sun to purify yet preserve the vital balance of the ocean minerals.
At It's Alive Food we use entirely certified organic ingredients in all of our products and we source our ingredients as locally as possible.

Raw Cultured Vegetables are vegetables that have been either cut, ground, or shredded, and then go through an unheated fermentation process. While the vegetables are fermenting, lactobacilli (which are healthful micro-flora that are naturally present in vegetables and also in our digestive tract) break down the sugars and starches found in the vegetables, aiding the pancreas and intestines in proper digestion. Most commercial sauerkrauts use heat to preserve the kraut, which destroys lactobacilli and other healthful enzymes. Raw sauerkraut is a delicious, healthy, live food that naturally maintains its essential enzymes and lactobacillus acidophilus.

Fermented vegetables have been eaten around the world throughout history. They have been described in ancient Greek and Roman writings, revered for their delicious taste as well as their medicinal properties. Raw Cultured Vegetables are a significant part of Asian cuisines as well. Kimchi, for example, is a Korean lacto-fermented condiment of cabbage with other vegetables and seasonings, which is eaten on a daily basis. In Japan, no meal is complete without a portion of pickled vegetables.